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Super Mario Odyssey With GTA Physics Is a Painful Sight to Behold

One strange part of the Super Mario Odyssey reveal trailer was the opening segment, where Mario travels to a city with human characters in it. He skillfully swings from lightposts and vaults between buildings. But what if he wasn’t so adept and the physics were more realistic? A silly video from YouTuber CrowbCat imagines what that would look like–and it’s a sight to behold.

“Mario discovers the real world but it isn’t as fun as he thought it’d be,” reads a line from the video’s description. Watch in horror (or amusement) in the video below as Mario navigates Grand Theft Auto IV‘s Liberty City and gets hit by a car, falls off a building, flies a helicopter, and visits a strip club. This being a GTA video, there is some choice language and partial nudity, so be aware of that.

CrowbCat use...

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Rocket League Passes New Milestones

Rocket League continues to soar. Developer Psyonix today announced that the game has eclipsed 25 million players, up from the 22 million figure that the developer disclosed in November. Bear in mind that the game has not sold that many copies, however.

Rocket League Passes New Milestones

Psyonix also revealed that, collectively, players have logged more than 1 billion games of Rocket League since the soccer-with-cars game premiered in summer 2015.

Here is a breakdown of those 1 billion games:

  • 50% Competitive games
  • 33% Casual games
  • 11% Alternative modes (Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day, etc.)
  • 6% Private matches

Additionally, Psyonix revealed that Rocket League users have played 31 million Rumble matches since the mode arrived in September 2016.

Rocket League, which was released in 2015, was named a top-grossing title on Steam...

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PS4's Dirt Rally Adding PlayStation VR Support, New Co-Op Mode

New DLC is on the way for the PS4 version of Dirt Rally that will introduce both PlayStation VR support and a new, co-op multiplayer mode.

Codemasters says this update provides “a fully immersive off-road experience.” Unlike, say, the VR update for Trackmania Turbo (admittedly a much different sort of racing game), Rally’s VR mode supports every route, discipline, and car in the game.

You can get a taste of what it’s like to rally race from the cockpit view through the trailer above. As is always the case with videos of VR games, though, it doesn’t quite capture the experience of playing with a VR headset.

Dirt Rally already offers VR supports on PC, but the new PS4 version also provides an exclusive multiplayer feature...

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Nintendo Switch Getting Steep and Rayman Legends Definitive Edition

Ubisoft has unveiled its initial lineup for the Nintendo Switch. It includes Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, as well as ports of snowsports game Steep and bodypopping hit Just Dance 2017.

Just Dance 2017 will be available at the same time the Switch goes on sale, March 3. Rayman Legends’ and Steep’s release dates have not been announced.

In a statement, Ubisoft said Rayman Legends Definitive Edition will include all of the base game’s “traditional features … plus some brand-new surprises.” Just Dance 2017 and Steep, meanwhile, look to be straight ports, though Ubisoft did confirm that the latter’s upcoming free Alaska DLC will make its way to Switch.

Ubisoft went on to tease future Switch titles, stating, “These three games are just the beginning...

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The Division's Last Stand DLC: Not Timed-Exclusive for Xbox One and PC, Lots More Info Revealed

[UPDATE] The livestream has now ended; below is a recap of some of the major points. You can also read this in-depth blog post from Ubisoft to find out a lot more.

Starting off, Ubisoft confirmed that Last Stand and the upcoming 1.6 update will not be timed-exclusives on Xbox One and PC like Underground and Survival were.

Here are some other elements of Last Stand that Ubisoft announced (we’ll continue to update as the stream goes on):

  • There will be PvP and PvE elements
  • A new Dark Zone North area is being added–this will be DZ 7, 8, and 9.
  • The idea for the new Dark Zone North areas was to give players more freedom to explore interior areas as well as rooftops and underground areas. The size of playable spaces has increased, too.
  • The Dark Zone has doubled in size with the new zones, devel...
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PS4 Getting Psychological Horror Game The Town of Light

Following its launch last year on PC, the Italian developer behind the psychological horror game The Town of Light announced that it’s headed to PlayStation 4.

In a PlayStation Blog post, LKA.it art director and screenwriter Luca Dalco confirmed that the game is coming to Sony’s system later this year, though a specific release date was not mentioned.

The Town of Light is inspired by true events. It takes place in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum in Tuscany, Italy, which was a real facility that operated for almost 100 years before being closed in the 1970s. “Through extensive research we hope to give our players a glimpse into the treatment of those suffering with mental illness throughout the mid-part of the 20th century,” Dalco said.

You play as the character Renee, a resident of the i...

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More Footage and Details of Canceled Halo Mega Bloks Game Emerge

Over the weekend, a video and details about a canceled Halo Mega Bloks game for Xbox 360 emerged online. Not long after that, 343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross confirmed the game was in development but never moved past the prototype stage.

Now, the person who posted the footage initially, Andrew Borman of Preserve Gaming History, has posted a follow-up video containing raw gameplay footage of the game. While Haggar, as the game was known, was only a prototype, developer N-Space did at least 10 months of work on it, Borman said. He added that it looked like N-Space had a contract with Microsoft for the game.

Borman also reports in this newest video that N-Space was not the only studio that pitched Microsoft on the idea for a Mega Bloks Halo game, apparently...

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Microsoft Confirms Halo Mega Bloks Game Was in Development But Was Only a Prototype

Over the weekend, some impressive-looking footage of a canceled Halo Mega Bloks game emerged. Now, Halo boss Bonnie Ross has confirmed the game, codenamed “Haggar,” was in development as an “exploratory” project that never went past the prototype stage.

In a forum post, Ross confirmed the Xbox 360 game was a collaborative effort between Microsoft and Mega Bloks that was in the works “several years ago.” As you can see in the video below, it was going to have “elements of action, exploration, and user creativity,” Ross said.

Despite having “a lot of fun ideas and invention behind it,” the game never moved beyond its prototype stage for reasons that Ross did not share. She added that Haggar, which was in development at the now-defunct N-Space, is just one of “several” Halo games that were ...

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PS4 Getting "Major" Update Soon, Sony Opens Beta Test Registrations

A “major” PlayStation 4 update, the first big one since September 2016′s 4.00 update, is coming soon. Sony confirmed this update today in a PlayStation Blog post, but didn’t share any info about it, only saying it’s called 4.5 and will have some “improvements and new features.”

PS4 Getting "Major" Update Soon, Sony Opens Beta Test Registrations

As it did with 4.00 and other updates, Sony is inviting players to beta test the new one before it goes live for everyone. You can register to access the beta here by submitting your PSN ID–but note that you need to be 18 or older. Additionally, there are no guarantees that you’ll be selected.

Be sure that you have a working email attached to your PSN ID, as that’s how Sony will notify people chosen.

The beta itself will start in early February, and once it begins, Sony will cut off new registrations.

There is no ...

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gets Double XP and New Gun Game Mode This Weekend

Looking to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer this weekend? You will earn double XP and have the opportunity to try a new mode, Infinity Ward has announced.

First up, the double XP event runs now through Monday, January 16, at 10 AM PT. This is a double XP event for head-to-head multiplayer, not Zombies.

The debut of Epic Gun Game is live now on PS4 and Xbox One for a full week! Ends Friday, Jan. 20 at 10am PST. #InfiniteWarfare pic.twitter.com/vVVuMWNl3j

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) January 13, 2017

As for the new mode, it’s called Epic Gun Game. A spin on the Gun Game mode, where every kill unlocks a new, more powerful weapon, Epic Gun Game is the same but with Epic-rarity weapons, according to Charlie Intel...

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